There are two routes to FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB Membership; the yearly subscription and multilevel marketing (MLM) routes. For the purpose of this agreement members that signed up to the Company via the MLM route are referred to as DISTRIBUTORS

FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB hereinafter referred to as (“THE COMPANY”) and the Applicant herein referred to as (“MEMBER/DISTRIBUTOR”) hereby agree that:

1: There are not oral terms of the agreement, your Sponsor is not authorized to vary them and they may be amended in writing only. This agreement is personal to you and you are not permitted to assign or transfer your position as FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB MEMBER/DISTRIBUTOR to any other person without written agreement with the Company.

2: Any adult (Aged 18 and above) can join directly or be introduced by a member of FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB called their SPONSOR. The recommended person signs the contract from their sponsor. Once the contract is approved by the Company the candidate becomes a member of the FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB.

3: The DISTRIBUTOR is a principal of his/her independent business and is not an employer or agent of the Company and operates his or her business as an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR.

4: A DISTRIBUTOR can possess only one Identity Number in the database. After the agreement is signed the distributor cannot change his Sponsor.

5: Distributors can only sponsor real people; fictitious names sponsorship will lead to disqualification of the sponsor.

6: The FEED YOUR HOME MARKETING PLAN and INCENTIVES defines the rules of DISTRIBUTORS moving from one level to another, qualifying for the EXCLUSIVE FOOD CLUB, getting of commissions, bonuses and royalties.

7: In respect of Business Opportunity, a distributor shall be responsible for the guiding of their new recruits which he/she introduced to the business of the Company.

8: The Company may amend or change at any time the recommended prices and range of products, Marketing Policies and Royalty Programs. 

9: To qualify for his/her monthly royalty a DIRECTOR must ensure that his/her team produces a minimum of one Planter during the qualifying month.

10: A DISTRIBUTOR shall operate his/her business in a lawful and ethical manner and officially report any fraud, misunderstanding or issues to the Customer Service Department of the company for urgent resolution.

11: You agreed to maintain the image and reputation of FEED YOUR HOME FOOD CLUB in the public and also not to make any unconfirmed statement or do any act which might be detrimental to the image and reputation of FEED YOUR HOME or its products.

12: Any confirmation of willful and deliberate intentions or actions of a DISTRIBUTOR or groups to derail unlawfully the good intents or interest of the company or its distributors will result to the termination of distributorship by the company.

13: The risk of loss and damage to Products shall pass to DISTRIBUTOR immediately upon Product being picked up by or on behalf of distributor, its agent or transport carrier.

14: A distributors will be responsible for all Products purchased at the Food Club and will be responsible for the accuracy of the information presented and the payment of all duties, and will be liable for any fines or penalties resulting from any missing or inaccurate information or products.

15: This agreement is subject to immediate termination by the company if a distributor is guilty of recruiting other distributors for other similar company. 

16: Except a distributor is found wanting in other aforementioned areas, this AGREEMENT shall continue indefinitely subject to either party being entitled to cancel this AGREEMENT by giving the other party 30 DAYS written notice of his or her intention to do so.